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SURVEYS: Get Credit and Blame 360 Degree Feedback

Sample Custom Credit and Blame 360 Degree Feedback ReportBuilding self awareness about how you act and react in the realm of credit and blame is invaluable for career success and advancement. The Blame Game 360 is an online survey tool that enables you to collect feedback from those you work with about your credit and blame style and how you are perceived by others. The Blame Game 360 was developed in partnership with EchoSpan, Inc.

About The Blame Game 360 Degree Feedback Survey

The multi-rater survey is designed to provide a basis for your professional development. As an aggregated report of the perceptions of your raters, it is intended to:

  • Encourage candid and constructive feedback from your colleagues
  • Help you identify your professional strengths and areas for development
  • Establish a quantitative baseline that will allow you to assess your progress over time
  • Enable you to compare and contrast how you view yourself with how others view you
  • Provide a starting point for discussions of your individual performance
  • Demonstrate your openness to feedback and commitment to continuous improvement

View Sample Credit and Blame 360 Degree Feedback Reports:

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Department
  • Organization

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How Better Assessment Can Improve Individual, Team, and Organizational Success
by Ben Dattner
Free Press/Simon & Schuster: March 15, 2011; ISBN-10: 143916956X; ISBN-13: 978-1439169568; Hardcover/eBook; 256 pages

Available at: Amazon, BN.com, Apple iTunes

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